The Gap Into Madness: Chaos and Order (The Gap Series, Book 4)

By Stephen R. Donaldson

Because the planetoid Thanatos Minor explodes into atoms, a specially-fitted cruiser escapes the mass destruction and hurtles into house just a step prior to adverse pursuit. On board Trumpet are a handful of bedraggled fugitives from an outlaw international - outdated enemies unexpectedly and violently thrown jointly in a determined bid for survival. between this not likely team of allies are Morn Hyland, as soon as a UMC cop, now a prisoner to the electrodes implanted in her mind; her son, Davies, "force-grown" to maturity via the alien Amnion and suffering to appreciate his precise id; the amoral house buccaneer Nick Succorso, whose such a lot bold act of piracy can be his final; and Angus Thermopyle, unstoppable cyborg suffering to wrest keep watch over of his personal brain from his UMC programmers.

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Hashi’s pulse pounded in his head; in his eyes. He rode a mad swirl of phosphenes and alarm. His speculation was once self-consistent. It healthy the on hand facts. it may be precise. If Nick succeeded at placing her aboard the space scout, Morn might live to tell the tale to wreak mutagenic spoil at the UMCP. And the data that Sorus Chatelaine had got an immunity drug could unfold. It was once spreading even now. Genetic kazes have been the stuff of nightmare—the worst horror visceral human DNA might think. pushed via panic, humankind would supply her all kinds and scale of riches in self-defense. You deserve her. Nick had despatched his message to Hashi as a taunt, trusting that no cop will be capable of wager the darkish fact. in fact, his plan may fail if the UMCP themselves made the drug on hand. yet they can hardly ever achieve this while a genetic kaze had long gone off of their faces—when they have been being torn aside through self-replicating alien nucleotides. Shivering in an ague of hypothesis, Hashi strove to fault his speculation. I don’t care what occurs to you. was once it attainable? That used to be the fundamental query: another quandary light to vapor by means of comparability. may Joshua be tricked or maneuvered into preserving Morn alive? He had no orders to maintain her lifestyles. relatively the opposite. nonetheless, she was once UMCP group of workers. consequently he couldn’t kill her himself: his programming secure all UMCP group of workers from direct violence. What if she have been compelled on him not directly? —for instance, if her survival was once the cost he needed to pay for the good fortune of his project? What then? less than these stipulations, Hashi said feverishly, Joshua’s datacore wouldn't prevent her rescue. And the knowledge she carried inside her was once as harmful as any mutagen. really except different probabilities, it may possibly spoil Warden Dios and all his senior body of workers; possibly finish their lives; fairly conceivably spoil the UMCP itself. Supposition proved not anything. however Hashi all at once discovered it not just attainable yet credible to imagine that Morn Hyland may well nonetheless be alive. deadly! his covert brain shouted at him. lethal! one of these improvement will be fatal—entirely deadly. you wish me, yet you blew it. might be he’d misjudged the intensity of Nick Succorso’s malice. all at once he dropped his fingers from his face to his board. Their strain opposed to his eyeballs left his imaginative and prescient blurred; yet he didn’t want transparent sight to hit the keys he sought after. might be he’d been extra sincere with Koina Hannish than he needed to confess while he’d spoken of loyalty. regardless of the cause, he didn’t query his determination as soon as it was once made. He’d been passive too lengthy. rather than hesitating extra, he ready a brand new agreement for Captain Scroyle and flared it out to an analogous listening submit which unfastened Lunch had used to touch him. It was once the richest agreement he’d ever provided a mercenary; a king’s ransom in alternate for Trumpet’s destruction and the dying of everybody aboard. The mere act of coding that message crammed him with an inexpressible feel of wakeful alarm and intuitive reduction. the chance he took was once severe.

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