You Need Humour With a Tumour: Refelections on a Journey with Cancer

By Annmarie James-Thomas

Whilst Annmarie, a 42-year-old mom of 4, was once clinically determined with a degree IIb tumour she was resolute she wouldn't lose her love of life.

Having watched her father succumb to bowel melanoma a 12 months prior, she had no wish to persist with an identical therapy regime. So she went looking for anything different.

Refusing to be a 'victim', she rejected the merely scientific course and met her cervical melanoma head on. Her trip took her to the US looking for differently to strive against the tumour becoming slowly – then now not so slowly – inside her.

This is Annmarie's tale of wish and sadness, energy and braveness as she and her family members care for her prognosis and wish to reside lifestyles to the complete.

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